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Christina Milian Reveals How She Found Out Nick Cannon Cheated: ‘I Hacked Into His Phone’

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Christina Milian Reveals How She Found Out Nick Cannon Cheated: ‘I Hacked Into His Phone’

Christina Milian Reveals How She Found Out Nick Cannon Cheated: ‘I Hacked Into His Phone’

Christina Milian recently chopped it up with Justin Sylvester for E! News’ digital series “Just the Sip” where the actress shared what she’s been up to. She also gave an update on her pregnancy journey and shared some interesting stories about her love life prior to meeting her boo Matt Pokora.

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Milian, who’s expecting a baby girl with the singer, looked back on the time she dated her “first love” Nick Cannon. The 32-year-old revealed that all was well between them until she got into his phone and came across some unsettling things:

“When I was dating Nick Cannon, the password somehow worked on the first check and I was right and the next thing you know, I was reading for like a month. I was reading messages,” she shared. “I was stuck in Romania. I had time. I cannot bust him when I am away. I need to bust him in person so in the meantime, I’m going to get my intel, make sure this is for real for real and it was for real so it was enough.”

As for why she didn’t tell Nick about her suspicions, Christina said she had a hard time imagining a split from her “first love.”

“We were just so close that I think at that time, I couldn’t deal with the idea that if we ended up breaking up, I wasn’t going to get to see him again. So I wanted to be able to see him in person, go over it—not like it would change anything—but part of me was like he was my first love. It was unreal that it was happening,” she explained. “He was living at my house. Right under my roof this is happening? It just kind of blew me away,” E! News quotes.

Now, as many of us know, Nick isn’t a bad guy, and he proved that in an interview where he apologized to her:

“If I didn’t say it before, I do apologize,” Cannon told Christina on his radio show. “I’m sorry for the things that I did. We was young. I was young, I was silly.”

Although her past relationships didn’t work out, Milian is thrilled over her new love with Pokora:

“He’s the one. I definitely feel that with him,” she gushed to Justin. “We made a baby together, which I’m excited about but I never imagined I’d be halfway across the world and meet this handsome, amazing person at a restaurant and my life would change like that. I did pray for that.”

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