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Church Members Reportedly Pin Man Down To “Pray The Gay Away”



Church Members Reportedly Pin Man Down To “Pray The Gay Away”

Church Members Reportedly Pin Man Down To “Pray The Gay Away”

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A Blackwell church is under investigation for allegedly holding a man down and trying to pray away his homosexuality.

Sean Cormie, 23, came out as gay to his family in the spring. His family suggested that he start attending church with his partner, Gary Gardner.

However, on Sunday, Sept. 8, the couple went back to church with their family.

“I wanted to go to church to make my mom proud and make her happy,” Cormie said.

The service seemed normal, however, all of a sudden 12 to 15 congregants circled around Gardner and himself, and began to pray. The pastor was also making statements against homosexuality.

“‘It’s a sin, it’s an abomination, you need to realize, wake up, and see it for a sin,’” Cormie added.

The praying soon turned into a loud chat until the couple felt so humiliated that they got up to leave, however, Gardner was the only one who managed to get out.

“They hold me down, pin me down, and I’m crying, and the Holy Spirit just comes through me, and they keep speaking in tongues, praying over me.” Cormie said he was even punched in the face. “I was just crying ‘mercy, mercy.'”

According to KFOR, Once he was finally able to escape he went to the police department to report his ordeal. The police are currently investigating.

Pastors Bill and Tami McKissick releases a statement in light of the incident, “On behalf of First Assembly we have been asked by the media to respond to the allegations that have been made. This began as a family matter that escalated. Our church would never condone restraint of any person unless they were engaged in violent activity. There is much more to this incident, and we are cooperating fully with law enforcement to hopefully bring all of the facts to light as a rush to judgment is not in anyone’s best interest.”

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