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CNN Offers Armed Security to Reporters and Anchors Slammed By Trump


CNN Offers Armed Security to Reporters and Anchors Slammed By Trump

CNN is taking major precautions after several threats have been made to some of their on-air talent.

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According to network sources in contact with TMZCNN is now bringing in armed security for reporters and anchors who have a reason to fear for their safety. These media personalities have been given the chance to have 24/7 protection.

Due to recent mailed pipe bombings in the last weeks to Trump’s criticizers and the sender being an avid Trump supporter, there is fear that some of his supporters may resort to violence again.

President Donald Trump is a known critic of CNN and has even referred to certain employees under the company as “the enemy of the people.”

TMZ is told that CNN gave the targeted media personalities a choice of the level of security they would like. It ranges from 24/7 armed protection to much less guarding that includes walking the person to and from work.

Almost a week and a half ago, CNN anchor Don Lemon contacted the NYPD after receiving many death threats via Twitter from a white nationalist and self-proclaimed Trump fan.

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Just this week, White House correspondent with Urban Radio Networks April Ryan asked Trump a question in a press conference and he commanded her to “sit down”. After receiving death threats for some months now, she too now has security.

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