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Colorado School Nurses Now Able To Give Students Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Legal In Colorado Schools


Colorado School Nurses Now Able To Give Students Medical Marijuana

With parent permission of course.

While marijuana has proven abilities to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s to seizures and beyond, Colorado, a state who’s already legalized recreational use of the plant as of 2012, has now taken another major leap in allowing its medical use in K-12 schools.

Additionally, Governor John Hickenlooper signed a law earlier last month to give school nurses the ability to administer medical marijuana to its students; but the rule applies only to cannabis oil and other “non-smokeable” marijuana like CBD oil.

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In addition, the ruling further requires medical marijuana cards and doctor’s note with dosage/timing details for the student, plus written permission from their parents and school principal.

Also, the law requires that schools keep the medicine in locked storage containers, out of immediate reach from children.

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So, to view more on the ruling, check out the document below.

#PressPlay below to view more coverage on the new medical marijuana ruling in Colorado schools



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