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Comedian Brad Williams Allegedly Confesses To Accidentally Raping A Woman On Tour


Comedian Brad Williams Allegedly Confesses To Accidentally Raping A Woman On Tour

Social media is in an uproar after an old clip of comedian Brad Williams accidentally confessing to allegedly raping a woman while on tour resurfaced online.

The 2014 clip from the Doug Benson podcast show “Getting Doug With High” shows comedian Brad Williams talking about his alleged non-consensual experience with a woman while on tour with fellow comedian Carlos Mencia. The scene was apparently deleted from the original podcast and was reuploaded on YouTube.

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“When we went on a tour bus together and this girl was on the bus [who] just really wanted to sleep with Carlos. [She] got to the back of the bus and sat in the backseat. So you know Mencia’s married so he turned off all the lights and then sent me and [I] started hooking up with the girl. It went for a good 15 minutes before she realized that Carlos is tiny but he shouldn’t have stubby arms like that”

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Williams laughed about the situation and said: “and then finally she realized she was having sex with me.” Another comedian, Eddie Ifft, said to Williams: “That’s like a rape story” to which he replied, “Technically it is.”

Now, Twitter users have flooded Brad Williams’ mentions and have also asked Netflix to remove him as a cast member from the show “Degenerates”

“Netflix has a show called The Degenerates. Brad Williams is on the show that is currently streaming on @netflix . I will not continue to pay for a subscription to a company who supports rape. Rape is a crime not a punchline to a joke.”-@inminivanhell

“Ok this is gross. Brad Williams needs to be prosecuted. And when will men realize rape jokes are not funny? Rape is not a joke. EVER.”-@TracyBldwn 

Press play to watch the clip below and share your thoughts with Yappa in the comment box below.

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