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Company Offers ‘Fake Vacation’ Photos For Instagram Influencers

Fake a vacation


Company Offers ‘Fake Vacation’ Photos For Instagram Influencers

Company Offers ‘Fake Vacation’ Photos For Instagram Influencers 

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A lot of what you see on Instagram is not real and now it has been revealed that some of your “faves” could be faking it until they make it!

According to ABC 11, a Nebraska company is offering to make social media pages look better by doctoring photos of the user on a vacation that they never took.

According to the travel website, Jetcost, a whopping 4,000 people have admitted to using fake travel images to boost their social media accounts.

The company is called Fake a Vacation, and offers packages from $19.99 for a service to create the photos of an Instagram influencer in front of famous landmarks around the world!  Some of the locations include, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Paris, Walt Disney World and more!

The site notes that “over 33% of men say they faked a vacation and the number of millennials doing it is 56%.”

Take a look below!

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