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Could Kanye West Really Lose The “Yeezy” Name



Could Kanye West Really Lose The “Yeezy” Name

It looks like Kanye West might have to fight, (not literally) for the rights to the “Yeezy” name brand when it comes to specific items.

In reports obtained by TMZ, it looks like a company literally came out of nowhere to snatch up the trademark to “Yeezy” after filing the paperwork.

For about 5 years, Kanye has used and owned the name “Yeezy” for his footwear. However, his team managed to slip as they didn’t trademark the name for their clothes last year.

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The company who noticed the slip was a Chinese company, Fujian Baby Network Technology Co., who happened to immediately file the paperwork and took the term “Yeezy Boost” for their clothing products.

This would be an ideal situation to say sucks to suck, but Kanye has managed to expand his Yeezy merch to a point that fans are constantly keeping the brand out of stock.

Once Kanye and his team caught word of this mishap, they instantly refiled their application for Yeezy clothing, however, it was too late.

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Courts are saying that the Chinese company now has the rights to the name. But the good news is its only for the clothing, not the shoes.

The only problem that Kanye could possibly face in the future is if he decides to expand his Yeezy sneakers to Clothing or other items and uses “Yeezy” as the name.

While that decision is being made, take a look at some “Yeezy” merch below and let us know what you think!

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