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Couple Caught Having Sex On a Public Park Bench


Couple Caught Having Sex On a Public Park Bench

An Illinois couple was caught having sex on a public park bench by a local passerby.

According to reports, the couple seen in the video are caught with there pants down as the woman behind the camera questions their actions at a family friendly public place.

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The couple appears unphased as she is recording them on Snap Chat with the caption, ‘Caught That A**’.

At one point the unidentified woman who is sitting on the lap of her male partner flips off the camera and continues to bounce up and down on her partner’s lap.

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The woman recording continues to ask why and tells the young woman that she is ‘disrespecting herself’. The woman then replies, ‘he’s my husband.’

‘Indecency’ Laws in Illinois is punishable up to a $2500 fine and one year in prison.

Sex studies have shown that more and more couples are not just doing the do in their bedroom but in public places including work. According to to the study, 69 percent have done it in a car and 28 percent have had sex in a public park. Others have gone all the way on a train or bus (4 percent), on an airplane (3 percent), inside a school (8 percent) and at a place of worship (3 percent). 17 percent say they have had a sexual encounter at the workplace, according to a new survey by Sensis Condoms with QuikStrips.

The survey also revealed that 21 percent of Americans fantasize about someone other than their partner to heat up a sex session while 22 percent use blindfolds and 19 percent tie themselves up to ignite passion in the bedrooms.

Socialites was this couple ‘doing too much?’

Couples who’ve been caught in public having sex.


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