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Couple Falls To Their Deaths While Taking Vacation Selfie


Couple Falls To Their Deaths While Taking Vacation Selfie

Couple Falls To Their Deaths While Taking Vacation Selfie.

A couple who tried to take a selfie at a popular tourist spot in Portugal fell 100 feet to their deaths.

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According to Perth Now, Australian Michael Kearns, 33, and his British girlfriend Louise Benson, 37, were standing on a wall overlooking the picturesque Praia dos Pescadores beach in Ericeira early Tuesday, when their phone slipped. Police believe that the pair reached out to grab the phone when they lost their balance and fell 98 feet to the beach below.

“Everything seems to indicate that the fall happened when they were trying to take a selfie,” said Ruis Pereira da Terra, the head of the rescue service in Cascais port near Lisbon. “It seems they dropped their mobile phone and fell down while leaning over to retrieve it,” he added.

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Witnesses in the area thought the couple was sleeping on the beach but discovered a “horror scene” when they approached, describing the couple’s bodies as “shattered.”

Officials recovered a phone near the wall that they believe belonged to the pair. According to the UK Telegraph, tourists have plunged from the wall before and locals have asked for security measures to be implemented.

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