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Couple Finds A Stolen Safe Of Diamonds And Gold In Their Backyard


Couple Finds A Stolen Safe Of Diamonds And Gold In Their Backyard

A Staten Island couple was renovating their backyard when they discovered an unexpected surprise.

The New York Daily News reports Matthew and Maria Colonna Emanuel hired a landscaper to renovate their backyard in their Todt Hill home. During the renovation, the landscaper pulled out a rusty metal safe and the couple opened the safe with a pickax. Inside of the safe was $52,000 in cash, diamond rings, gold, jade, and a paper containing their neighbor’s address.

Matthew said he knocked on his neighbor’s door to see if they were aware that they were robbed:

“First I knocked on the door and I asked them if they were ever robbed and they said they were,”

A police report confirmed that the neighbor’s home was burglarized the day after Christmas in 2011.

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There was no explanation as to why the thief hid the safe in the couple’s backyard but the couple returned the cash and valuables to their neighbors.

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For years, the couple believed the safe was an old cable box that was buried beneath a group of small trees. However, their neighbor is glad that the money and jewelry were returned to them. Maria Emanuel stated there were no inquiries about the safe.

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