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Couple Yells For Police To Shoot Them As They Are Arrested For Murder


Couple Yells For Police To Shoot Them As They Are Arrested For Murder

A couple yelled out a request that falls under suicide by police after being found as suspects in a murder case.

Police have released statements claiming that a couple who was arrested for a horrible murder wanted to die.

Stephen Brown and Hailey Dandurand are now in custody charged with the murder of a substitute teacher and part-time housekeeper Telma Boinville.

Boinville was in the couple’s rented home in Hawaii where she was requested to clean the house.

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As her daughter sat in the car, Brown came out and took her in the house, tied her up and then proceeded to tie up her mother and kill her.

When authorities arrived, Boinville’s daughter reported that the person who tied her up had gree hair which matched the description of Brown.

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During the arrest, the couple yelled out requests to the police that are of major concern.

“He spontaneously uttered, ‘Just shoot me, I deserve this,’ ” reports claim.

Dandurand allegedly made a similar plea to police saying,

“Can you just pull your gun out and shoot me in the head?” she asked, the document states. “My life is over after today.”

An official statement said, “near the body was a bloodied hammer, knife, and mallet.”

Right now, the couple is sitting behind bars as the investigation and motive are continuing to be uncovered.

Brown’s bail was set at $1 million and Dandurand’s was set at $500,000, according to records.

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