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Cristiano Ronaldo Opens Hair Transplant Clinic

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Cristiano Ronaldo Opens Hair Transplant Clinic

Cristiano Ronaldo Opens Hair Transplant Clinic

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo wants you to feel and look just as good as him which is why he opened up a hair transplant clinic!

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The international soccer superstar officially launched Isparya Hair Clinic in Madrid on Monday. During the a press confrence at the grand-opening event, Ronaldo explained to reporters that he feels as though appearance is very important and he wants other men out there to have control over their hair. When asked if he ever had a transplant, Ronoldo told reporters he didn’t but won’t opt out of it if he eventually needs one.

“When I think it’s necessary [to have a transplant], of course I’ll do it,” he explained.

On top of that, the clinic also offers a service for eyebrow transplants as well. While this may seem random and new to some people, this isn’t the first athlete to get in the hair business. Former NFL star Brian Urlacher had a hair procedure done after his football career ended up. Wes Welker also got transplant of his own back in 2012.

Socialites, what are your thoughts on Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest venture? Let us know in the comment box below!

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