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Dance Student Paralyzed After Teacher Forced Her To Do Splits


Dance Student Paralyzed After Teacher Forced Her To Do Splits

A Chinese girl is paralyzed from the waist down after her dance teacher forced her to do a split during class.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, the six-year-old girl known as Tong Tong became injured during class after her instructor forced her to widen her split on Oct.6 in Henan. Surveillance footage shows Tong Tong laying on the floor as the instructor pushed her left leg over her head. Although the girl was able to walk after class, she started limping and lost her balance.

After noticing Tong Tong could not move her legs, instructors tried to help her up but her legs could not maintain her body weight. The child was immediately rushed to a local hospital where doctors said she sustained a spinal cord injury as a result of the intense class.

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Her mother, Li, said Tong Tong has been attending dance class for two years but can’t walk now due to the injury.

“She used to love dancing. As a parent, I did my best to support her. Now she may not ever stand up or dance again.”

A spokesperson from the dance company says Tong Tong may have an “underlying medical condition.”

“For this situation to occur in a normal lesson, I think the child may have had some underlying problems.”

“We paid for all of the child’s initial medical costs out of goodwill but it will be difficult to continue doing that in the future,”

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