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Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: Demetrius Shipp Jr. Unlocks Why He Wouldn’t Have Filmed A Rape Scene While Portraying Tupac


Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored: Demetrius Shipp Jr. Unlocks Why He Wouldn’t Have Filmed A Rape Scene While Portraying Tupac

Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored on Dash Radio is back with your favorite #uncensored hosts, Jason Lee, Melyssa Ford A.K.A the “Curve Queen,” and Giovanni Watson. Yes! The “Curve Queen” has returned.

The show kicks of with the hosts welcoming ‘All Eyez On Me’ star, Demetrius Shipp Jr. As Lee introduces Shipp and the topics of the day, he also throws in the fact that he wasn’t invited to Shipp’s pool party. Lee also points out that while it’s usually Gio who’s not invited, the roles seem to have reversed.

As the show continues, Demetrius shares that this the film was his first acting job. While the movie is his break out role, he confirms that the rumor that it was him who played Tupac in Straight Outta Compton isn’t true. The conversation takes a slight uncensored turn after Gio describes seeing Shipp in the Jacuzzi with 10-12 women. Lee then asks if his pu**y count has gone up!

He just played Tupac… Socialites, what do you think?

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The star opens up about his life, and shares that he has three kids with two different women. Although he isn’t with either of the two, he is still big on family. Shipp also shares that he comes from a big family.

Of course, the show takes another #uncensored turn, when the hosts bring up Annie Ilonzeh‘s interview on the show, and how she talked about having sex with her man and a dildo. Shipp admits to not seeing that episode and not being into that “kind of thing.”  Melyssa brings up the fact that he’s now a “sex symbol,” further asking what his criteria is for “Mrs. Right.” He shares that nothing is happening while he’s in his 20’s. Shipp goes on to say that he doesn’t need “Hollywood,” as Melyssa tells him that he may need to “import.”

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As the show continues, Shipp shares how he thought the auditions to play Tupac weren’t real. He also shares his thoughts on Jada Pinkett-Smith‘s criticism towards the movie.

Socialites, Press Play and watch the entire interview and Demetrius Shipp Jr’s response to whether or not he would have filmed the “rape scene” in the film.


By HU writer: Krystyl Bystyl

Facebook and Instagram: @KrystylBystyl

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