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Designer Betsey Johnson Is Preparing For Open-Heart Surgery


Designer Betsey Johnson Is Preparing For Open-Heart Surgery

Designer Betsey Johnson is opening up about her upcoming heart surgery which is happening in a few days!

Betsey Johnson, a designer known for her very colorful and whimsical sense of style is sharing news about her upcoming heart surgery.

On Thursday, Johnson will be undergoing a four-to-six-hour open heart surgery which will result in about a five-day hospital stay. This news comes after Mich Jagger shared that he also had the same surgery.

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Johnson who is a breast cancer survivor has been open about her various medical challenges even working in various Red Dress Collection runway shows.

“To me, open heart surgery means they have to get the saw out. They can’t go through veins and arteries. For this, they have to cut me open just like my mom and dad had to have done them,” she said. “They said my aorta is the size of a 300-pound guy, but the walls are very thin. This little one-inch accordion gizmo is being thrown in and they will remove my aorta. They say it really works and my doctor has done a million of these procedures.”

As for a history of health-related surgeries in her family, Johnson’s mother died from a similar operation 45 years ago.

“That was so long ago and there was a glitch in the testing. They have done so much testing on me….You have to be one of the lucky ones to get one of these insanely precise robots to assist your doctor.”

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However, with the surgery coming up, Johnson is keeping an open mind on everything saying;

“If anything goes whoops, I am very, very happy to have lived a wonderful life — full of love and support. Lulu (her daughter) really doesn’t want to hear this, but any way. You’ve got to know that. Everybody thinks about that. I’m happy to think and to know that, ‘Boy, I’ve had a great lucky life just filled with the best — family, friends, work, everything.”

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