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DJ Funk Flex Tearfully Explains His Controversial Tupac Rants & Responds To T.I.’s Criticism


DJ Funk Flex Tearfully Explains His Controversial Tupac Rants & Responds To T.I.’s Criticism

Yesterday, May 4, Hot 97 DJ, Funkmaster Flex ruffled many feathers, including T.I.’s, as he insolently spoke on deceased rap legend Tupac Shakur. He took to Instagram live detailing his relationship with Pac; and notably, his beliefs on the real east coast versus west coast beef, allegedly stemming from Pac’s robbery in which he was shot.

According to the history books, Notorious BIG had Pac set up; however, Flex supports, rapper and radio personality, Ed Lover’s claim that his friend was present in the studio that infamous night, and witnessed Pac accidentally shoot himself upon withdrawing his pistol.

T.I. entered when he tried to check Flex on speaking unethically about a dead man, who can’t defend himself, let alone about Pac, one of rap’s icons.

He states:

“Yo [Funk Flex], respectfully bruh… on G-Code, regardless of what you think the validity of your statement is, I was taught never to speak down on a dead man. Considering they ain’t here to speak up for themselves.”

Tip then questions why Flex failed to bring this up while Pac was still here.

“When he was alive, you was on [the] air then. That was the time to address this. Not here, not now, not like this! And I’d say the same to a nigga from LA speaking on Big.”

But a tearful Flex claims he’s been saying it prior to the 20 years following his death.

“People always say why I said it 20 years later. I said it when the fucking shit was going on. And Biggie wouldn’t have fucking died if that nigga hadn’t have lied. He lied, and y’all niggas fucking worship him.”

In responding to T.I.’s G-Code remarks, Flex says:

“[Tupac] lied. Never, ever said nothing about him. [Tupac] fucking lied! Nobody wants to tell the truth. Y’all niggas don’t want to tell the truth? It existed. Worshiping. T.I. talking about G code. That’s not G code. That ain’t G code. He lied and Biggie died. That’s my only issue. That’s it bro. Why’s that so hard? What’s so hard about that. You think that’s cool? You think that’s good? We worship that? I don’t worship that and I won’t and I don’t have to. I still have morals. I still have morals, I give a fuck. He lied, and he carried that lie to years to his graves. He knew Biggie didn’t lie and set him up. Niggas shot and killed Big because of what he said.

During the live stream, Flex even spoke to Suge Knight’s son to give props on him giving Diddy and company the “blueprint” on successfully running the rap game.

#PressPlay above to watch the entire live-stream

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