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 Newborn’s Leg Was Amputated After A Hair Dryer Severely Burned It


 Newborn’s Leg Was Amputated After A Hair Dryer Severely Burned It

Chinese doctors saved the life of a newborn baby boy after a nurse carelessly left a hair dryer blowing beside the infant’s leg.

According to the Daily Mail UK, one of the nurses from the neonatal unit of Xincai Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital left the extremely hot hair dryer on the baby’s left leg for an hour and a half. The burns caused his skin to crack open and doctors performed an emergency surgery to amputate his leg.

Surveillance footage shows the nurse using the blowdryer on the baby before leaving it alone to complete other tasks. She stated that she and her colleague were not aware that the hair dryer was left on.

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A doctor noticed the four-day-old baby boy when he entered the neonatal intensive care to perform a routine examination. The nurses apologized for their actions but were terminated from the hospital.

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Although the incident occurred on December 14, 2017, the footage was recently released by the Henan Metropolitan News Channel. The infant’s father expressed his feelings about the incident to the local broadcaster.

 ‘If she had paid attention to the babies and quickly removed the hair dryer from them, he (my son) would have only suffered minor burns.’

The hospital has offered to compensate the infant’s medical expenses but the infant’s family refused to take the offer.

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