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Doctors Discover 3lb Hairball In Young Girl’s Stomach



Doctors Discover 3lb Hairball In Young Girl’s Stomach

Doctors Discover 3lb Hairball In Young Girl’s Stomach

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A young girl complaining of stomach pains had a 3lb hairball removed from her stomach. The eight-year-old had reportedly been eating her own hair since she was just two years old.

After eight years the girl started complaining that she was vomiting and had severe stomach ache. Her mother then took her to the Donghua Hospital in Guangdong, southern China, to find out what was wrong.

The Mirror reports that Dr. Tang Shilong performed a gastric x-ray on the girl and they also emptied the contents of her stomach and could not find any food residue. When they did the CT scan, doctors discovered a huge lump of hair tangled with food residue.

“This hairball must have been in the stomach for years. The habit of eating hair is a typical symptom of pica, an eating disorder that leaves people with a tendency to eat non-nutritional objects,” said the Doctor.

The hair was removed by surgery and the girl has promised her mother that she would stop eating her hair!

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