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Doctors Find Family Of Cockroaches In Man’s Ear After He Complained Of Having Earaches



Doctors Find Family Of Cockroaches In Man’s Ear After He Complained Of Having Earaches

A man from the Guangdong Province of China complained of having frequent earaches discovered his ear was home to a family of cockroaches.

According to Newsweek, the 24-year-old man identified as Mr.Lv made a visit to Sanhe Hospital last month after experiencing painful earaches. He explained to doctors of having “sharp pains” in his right ear and it felt like something was crawling inside. Mr.Lv further explained that a family member found a huge bug in his ear but couldn’t get it out. Ear, Throat, and Nose specialist Dr. Zhong Yijin said an adult cockroach and her ten babies were living inside Mr.Lv’s ear.

Mr.Lv said he would leave food by his bed at night and it could have been in a factor as to why the roach decided to have her babies in his ear canal. Doctors used tweezers to remove the family of cockroaches from Lv’s ear.

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Doctors prescribed Lv with a course of antibiotics and said he had minor injuries to his ear. Deputy Head of ENT Dr.Jiang Tengxiang said in a statement that everyone should practice good hygiene and use precaution to prevent bugs infestations in their homes.

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