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Doctors Remove 700 Tapeworms From Man’s Body


Doctors Remove 700 Tapeworms From Man’s Body

A man from China’s Zhejiang province had 700 tapeworms removed from his brain, chest, and lungs after dealing with frequent painful headaches. The tapeworms developed after he ate undercooked pork.

According to One India News, Zhu Zhong-fa,43, suffered from painful headaches for a month. After being transported to a local hospital for treatment, it was discovered through a CAT scan that Zhong-fa had 700 tapeworms in his brain, chest, and lungs. Doctors diagnosed him with taeniasis. Dr. Wang Jian-rong said the worms have caused major damage to the man’s organs.

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Zhong-fa explained to doctors that he ate pork last month and believed he cooked it properly in a hotpot. Dr.Wang explained how eating undercooked meats can lead to different diseases and infections.

“If it’s undercooked, the tapeworm eggs will stay alive when ingested. And if you have had the uncooked meat, there’s a chance that the tapeworms can travel through the body and inflict different diseases,”

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Tapeworm eggs can enter the human body when an individual eats undercooked meat. The eggs can travel to the central nervous system and can cause neurological disorders such as seizures and headaches.

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