Teresa Giudice previously reached out to Donald Trump before her husband Joe got locked up in 2016, hoping that the President would write a letter vouching for her husband.

TMZ reports that sources close to Teresa and her family reached out to Donald Trump several months before Joe started serving his 41-month sentence, and asked him to write a character letter. This was before he was elected President, but she hoped the letter would help Joe get a lighter sentence or even pardon him.

Teresa and Trump got along while she was on the fifth season of the “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2012, but, it seems her friendship with Trump didn’t get her anywhere.

Donald Trump’s office is reported to have written a letter back saying he would not be able to do anything for her in regards to Joe. However, he did send her his well wishes.

As we reported, Joe has been sentenced to be deported back to Italy after his 41-month sentence.

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