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Donald Trump Denies Ordering Mueller To Be Fired

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Donald Trump Denies Ordering Mueller To Be Fired

Donald Trump Denies Ordering Mueller To Be Fired

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Donald Trump has denied reports that he had Robert Mueller fired for investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“I wasn’t going to fire [Mueller],” Trump told ABC News’ “This Week. “You know why? Because I watched Richard Nixon go around firing everybody, and that didn’t work out too well.”

Donnie claims he had the “legal right” to fire Mueller, whose report found that there was not enough evidence to determine that the president’s election campaign engaged in a criminal conspiracy with Moscow. However, it also didn’t rule his involvement out.

“As has been incorrectly reported by the Fake News Media, I never told then White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire Robert Mueller, even though I had the legal right to do so,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “If I wanted to fire Mueller, I didn’t need McGahn to do it, I could have done it myself.

“Nevertheless, Mueller was NOT fired and was respectfully allowed to finish his work on what I, and many others, say was an illegal investigation (there was no crime), headed by a Trump hater who was highly conflicted, and a group of 18 VERY ANGRY Democrats.”

Donald is referring to a report where Mueller cited numerous instances where Trump told then-White House counsel Don McGahn to have former Attorney General Rod Rosenstein fire him.

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