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Ebro Darden Calls Out Joe Rogan For Referring To Black People As Apes

Ebro Darden and Joe Rogan
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Ebro Darden Calls Out Joe Rogan For Referring To Black People As Apes

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan is at the center of a burning flame after an old video goes viral of him referring to Black people as apes. Ebro Darden is one of the firsts to call him out.

Additionally, in the clip, Rogan recalls him and his friends going to the movies. He shares, “We’re going to see Planet of the Apes. So I look at the iPhone app and it says, take me to this [theater.] And the guy goes ‘ok.’ I go ‘Is that in a good neighborhood?’ He says ‘yeah yeah yeah.’ He barely speaks English. He takes us there, we get out and we’re giggling, ‘Oh we’re going to see Planet of the Apes!’ We walk into Planet of the Apes… We walked into Africa dude, we walked in the door and there was no white people.”

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While the video appears a bit outdated, Ebro reposted the clip and tweeted, “Ya’ll good with Joe Rogan? Im  [sic] sure he’ll apologize, right?” #Socialites, thoughts?

Furthermore, Rogan may’ve been making a joke and epically failed — or not. Share your thoughts below.

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#PressPlay below to see why Ebro Darden called out Joe Rogan


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