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Eight-Year-Old Boy Dies After Mistaking Dad’s Crystal Meth For Cereal


Eight-Year-Old Boy Dies After Mistaking Dad’s Crystal Meth For Cereal

On June 21, an Indiana eight-year-old boy from Jackson County died after he mistook his father’s crystal meth for cereal.

ABC 13 reports Curtis Collman Jr. believed he was eating a plate of cereal after telling his father, Curtis Sr., that he was hungry. Unfortunately, the boy ate a plate full of crystal meth and police reported he consumed 180 times the lethal limit.

A female friend of Collman Sr. wanted to help the boy after he started to have seizures and convulsions but he threatened her at gunpoint. The disgruntled father prevented his own parents from calling 911. Detective Tom Barker concluded that the boy suffered for many hours before his death.

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Collins Sr. has a former criminal record for trafficking, resisting arrest, and sexual misconduct with a minor. Prosecutors are hoping to put him away for 50 years based on his crimes and the death of his son.

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He is seeking to reduce his bond by awaiting trial at home but faces more charges of possession of a firearm, theft, and failure to register as a sex offender.

Image Source: ABC 13

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