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Ellen DeGeneres And Sandra Bullock Sue Beauty Companies Using Their Names

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Ellen DeGeneres And Sandra Bullock Sue Beauty Companies Using Their Names

Ellen DeGeneres and Sandra Bullock have teamed up to sue various beauty comapnies who are using their names for false advertisment!

Ellen DeGeneres and Sandra Bullock say not today, not now, and not ever after joining forces to sue companies who are using their names to sell their products.

According to TMZ, this comes after beauty companies took a screengrab of Sandra on Ellen’s show posting it on their websites with captions that allude to both celebrities endorsing their products.

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Underneath the pictures, the captions read that the two were talking about their “amazing new skin.” Another company took a closet picture of Ellen with a caption that alluded to Ellen not needing to wear makeup because she uses the company’s serum.

The brands that are being questioned in this lawsuit include Alessa Serum, Elliesse Serum, Lavish Skin Care, Life Cell Skin Care, Glovella and many others.

“These companies change names frequently, merge in and out of entities formed in states that allow for secrecy, operate websites that pop up and disappear overnight, and generally do everything possible to ‘stay one step ahead of the sheriff,’” the complaint said.

The lawsuit is claiming that the brands all used their pictures without the permission of Ellen or Sandra to benefit their companies products.

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TMZ reports that both Ellen and Sandra want profits the companies have made off their names and a judge to order the companies to stop using their names.

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