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Engaged Man Arrested For Luring Men On Dating Apps And Robbing Them


Engaged Man Arrested For Luring Men On Dating Apps And Robbing Them

A Florida man was arrested after he allegedly lured men from dating apps and robbed them. He was engaged to his longtime girlfriend while pretending to be someone else online.

The Daily Mail reports Taveres Wilson,31, was arrested on July 11 after he was accused of manipulating men into meeting him at an apartment complex then robbing them at gunpoint. The Gainsville Police Department said multiple robberies have occurred since January but only five were reported to the police. After he was taken into custody, Wilson confessed to the crimes.

A month before his arrest, Wilson posted on his Facebook page about hating people who “steal”.

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He was set to marry his girlfriend of ten years, Tyrisha Hunter, and posted in April how he was looking forward to their wedding. The couple shares a child together.

 ‘Nobody will never take ur place in my heart’ addressing the post to his ‘soon to be wifey Tyrisha.’

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Authorities did not disclose what apps Wilson used to lure the men. He faces several charges which include felony illegal possession of a weapon, two felony counts of illegal drug possession with intent to sell, resisting arrest, and soliciting another in a conspiracy to commit a crime.


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