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Eve Reveals Her “Dark Hole Period” That Led Her to Drugs And Alcohol


Eve Reveals Her “Dark Hole Period” That Led Her to Drugs And Alcohol

Rapper Eve recently opened up about the “dark hole period” of her life where she began to heavily use drugs and alcohol.

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The 39-year-old rapper and actress made the shocking revelations to her co-hosts on “The Talk” while candidly discussing Willow Smith’s recent reveal that childhood fame led her to start cutting her wrists.  

“At a time in my life, at a point in my life, I’d gone through … a dark hole,” Eve said.

“I call it my ‘dark hole’ period, my dark period… I was out of a toxic relationship, I didn’t have the TV show, I didn’t have a record deal.”

Eve’s self-titled sitcom on UPN aired for three seasons before it was canceled in 2006.

“I was just kinda like, what is happening with my life. So I started drinking, a lot,” she recalled. “I didn’t want to deal with my emotions, I didn’t have anybody to really talk to. I was even popping Xanax and drinking to numb my pain. And at the time, while I was in it, I didn’t see that I was harming myself. I just felt like I was coping but I really wasn’t. You know, you think of harming yourself as cutting or something, but drinking and drugs is exactly the same thing.”

The first lady of Ruff Ryders said it wasn’t until she made media headlines for crashing her Maserati and getting arrested on drunk driving charges in 2007 that she decided to change her life around. At the time, Eve pled no contest to the charges and was sentenced to wearing an alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet for 45 days.

She admitted that she didn’t want to wear the device because she didn’t want to face the reality of her lifestyle.

“Thankfully I did and was able to get healthy,” she said. “I prayed myself through it. I finally started figuring out the things that I needed to do to make myself healthy.”

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Press Play above for the full clip and take a look at Eve over the years below.

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