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Ex-Priest Who Impregnated 15-Year-Old Keeps Job As School Teacher

Cinnaminson Middle School


Ex-Priest Who Impregnated 15-Year-Old Keeps Job As School Teacher

Ex-Priest Who Impregnated 15-Year-Old Keeps Job As School Teacher

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A court just ruled that a former Bridgeport Diocese priest who impregnated a teenager will be allowed to keep his job as a middle school teacher.

Joseph DeShan works as a middle school teacher at a Cinnaminson, N.J. school. In 2oo2, it was revealed that he had sexual relations with a 15-year-old girl while he was working as a priest at the St. Augustine Cathedral in Bridgeport back in 1988.

“As the conduct unbecoming charges are based on alleged hearsay complaints from parents and on pre-employment conduct … I find the tenure charges procedurally deficient and insufficient to support a charge of conduct unbecoming a staff member,” arbitrator Walt De Truex said in his ruling.

The NY Daily News reports that the girl fell pregnant in 1989, two months after her 16th birthday, she was then fired and nothing was reported to the police. DeShan is said to have left the priesthood in 1994. He was hired as a Cinnaminson teacher two years later.

Once his past resurfaced in 2002, he was suspended for three weeks, but many parents were concerned that “pedophile” was allowed to continue teaching.

“The district is disappointed with the decision and currently exploring options to resolve the matter,” said Cinnaminson Superintendent. “However, it is our district policy to refrain from comments regarding open personnel and legal matters. The well-being of our entire school community is always our highest priority.”

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