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Family Demands Answers After Father Dies In Jail With His Organs Removed



Family Demands Answers After Father Dies In Jail With His Organs Removed

Family Demands Answers After Father Dies In Jail With His Organs Removed

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The family of an Army veteran wants answers from Pennsylvania police after he mysteriously died inside a local prison with his organs removed.

NY1 reports that Everett Palmer Jr, 41, had traveled to Pennsylvania from Delaware back in 2018 in order to resolve an old DUI charge.

The trip took a turn for the worse after the father of two was reported to have died two days later in the York County Prison.

“We want answers. We want to understand what happened,” his brother Dwayne Palmer said.

Following the death, the county coroner said that Palmer “became agitated and began hitting his head against his cell door.”

“My son was a perfectly healthy young man and my son is not going to bang his head on a cell,” his mother added.

The coroner later changed the cause of death to “complications following an excited state, associated with methamphetamine toxicity, during physical restraint.”

“My son was not a troublemaker, not at all, he was a very gentle, kind man. So, it’s nothing that he did in that prison that would warrant his death. He even looked maybe intimidating to some people, but he wasn’t, he was the sweetest young man,” his mother added.

When his family received his body they found out that his heart, brain, and throat were missing.

“When we reached out to find out what happened to his organs, they initially lied. They directed us back to our funeral director and told us that we need to confer with them because they probably took the organs,” his brother said.

The family hired their own pathologist who determined that his death should be ruled as a homicide. Organs can be removed during autopsies, but, it is very uncommon to remove the throat. The family attorney believes that they removed the throat to hide his real cause of death; asphyxiation.

The family adds that they are very confused about the coroner’s ruling of “methamphetamine toxicity.” This means that Palmer must have taken the drug while he was in prison.

A year has passed since his death and his family is still waiting for answers. They have preserved their right to sue.

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