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Family Kicked Off Flight For “Stinky Smell”



Family Kicked Off Flight For “Stinky Smell”

Family Kicked Off Flight For “Stinky Smell”

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A family was left feeling extremely embarrassed after they were asked to be removed from their American Airlines flight for allegedly having a bad odor.

Yossi Adler, his wife Jennie Adler and their 19-month-old daughter were finishing their vacation in Miami and heading back home to Detroit when they said they were asked to get off the flight because passengers were complaining about their ‘body odor.’

“All of a sudden, as soon as they took us off, they closed the gate, and then they said, ‘Sorry sir, some people complained you had body odor and we’re not letting you back on,’” Yossi said.

The Adlers added that they were told their luggage would be taken off the plane, however they were left with just the clothes that they were wearing.

“They have our car seat, our stroller, everything,” Jennie Adler said.

American Airlines released a statement following the incident,

“Mr. Adler and his wife were removed from the flight when several passengers complained about their body odor. They have been booked into a hotel for the night and given meal vouchers. They have been rebooked on a flight Thursday.”

It is not clear if the airline has reached back out to the family.


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