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Family of Botham Jean Sues City Of Dallas and Former Police Officer Amber Guyger

Image Source: NBC News and Splash/Kaufman County Sheriff's Office


Family of Botham Jean Sues City Of Dallas and Former Police Officer Amber Guyger

The family of the 26-year-old black man who was fatally shot inside of his apartment is suing the city and the officer who killed him.

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A federal lawsuit was filed on Friday that alleges Amber Guyger used excessive force when she shot Botham Jean violating his constitutional rights. Guyger admitted to shooting Jean on September 6th in his apartment after entering and mistaking it for her own. Once spotting a figure across the room, she fired her service weapon.

The suit also mentions the police department failed to properly train the now-fired officer and claims the City Council, Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall, and the city manager “failed to implement and enforce such policies, practices and procedure” that should have protected the deceased.

“By simply following proper police procedures and the best police practices and not the protocol of the DPD to ‘shoot first and ask questions later,’ Defendant Guyger would have not shot Jean,” the lawsuit states.

The suit urges that Guyger was “ill-trained” and acted in using deadly force “when there exists no immediate threat of harm to themselves or others.”

The claim argues that this sort of problem is not new to the Dallas Police Department as they have demonstrated this type of behavior towards people of color before “approaching them with guns drawn”.

While Guyger has denied any malicious intent in the shooting insisting that she was only trying to protect what she thought was her home, Jean’s family lawyer has fired back at Guyger stating that he has two witnesses that heard knocking on Jean’s door the night of the incident.

The lawsuit does not ask for a specific dollar amount but seeks “answers and compensation for their respective damages”.

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