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Family Says Mexican Resort Served ‘Tainted’ Alcohol To 20-Year-Old Tourist Before She Drowned



Family Says Mexican Resort Served ‘Tainted’ Alcohol To 20-Year-Old Tourist Before She Drowned

An American family is sharing that they believe their kids were drugged with tainted alcohol while on vacation.

Back in 2017, Bill Conner and Virginia McGowan took their kid’s Abbey and Austin to Mexico, but The trip was cut short. 

When they arrived, Abbey and Austin headed straight for the pool which had a floating bar inside. The kids were served drinks and were found a short time later drowning. 

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Their parents believe that the bar served the siblings drinks laced with harmful chemicals. 

“Abbey’s a 20-year-old who goes with her family down to the resort and what happens next is she’s served alcohol along with her older brother in a swimming pool that has a swim-up bar and the next thing we know is that there’s an emergency call placed to security as a result of another tourist finding Abbey in the swimming pool drowning and her brother fighting for his life, also injured,” the family attorney Gary Davidson said.

Abbey who was airlifted to a hospital in Florida does just two days later while her brother survived. 

“We have alleged that the hotel knew that tainted alcohol was being processed through the hotel, through the bar areas, and we believe that and we’ve asserted that in the lawsuit,” Davidson said.

The family is now suing the vacation resort they stayed at. 

Their story prompted Mexican authorities to raid 31 establishments after they got word that more tourists were falling ill at all-inclusive resorts. 

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During the seize, authorities obtained 100 gallons of alcohol that violates health and safety regulations. Majority of what was seized contained “tainted, substandard, poisonous,” and “unfit for human consumption” liquids.

Davidson says that he believes hotels and resorts “either turned a blind eye or intentionally encouraged this sort of behavior” in an effort to save money.

Davidson said,

“At an all-inclusive resort of course alcohol, unlimited alcohol, is available to guests. What better way to save money, conserve resources, than to serve non-first quality alcohol?”

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