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Fans Notice Meghan Markle Has Started Speaking With A British Accent


Fans Notice Meghan Markle Has Started Speaking With A British Accent

Looks like being apart of the royal family as an American also comes with a change of accents as fans have noticed a change in Meghan Markle! 

It’s been about two months since Meghan Markle became an official member of the royal family and it seems she’s adjusting pretty well. So well that fans have noticed a change in the way she talks.

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In recent videos, fans have captured the Duchess of Sussex speaking with what seems to be a British accent. Now we already know what Meghan is very proper when it comes to the way she talks, but we have never heard her with an accent.

Many are saying that she’s pulling a trick Madonna tried years ago where she appeared in an interview also using a very fake British accent.

Meghan is in the process of taking a 6-month class on how to behave as a new royal. But we’re pretty sure that having an accent isn’t in the study guide.

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Aside from her accent or the lack thereof, Meghan seems to be adjusting to her life as a royal as we have seen her in various public appearances.

Given that she will have many more public appearances and even speaking engagements, we are eager to see what will end up. happening to her “accent.”

Take a look at the video in question up top and picture of her below!

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