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Farrah Abraham Calls Out ‘Teen Mom’ Production Over Jenelle Evans Gun Footage


Farrah Abraham Calls Out ‘Teen Mom’ Production Over Jenelle Evans Gun Footage

“Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham is calling out the production that helped make her famous following the recent controversial episode featuring Jenelle Evans.

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Abraham appears to be upset with MTV producers after she was fired from “Teen Mom” so she is now calling them out for airing footage of Jenelle Evans pulling out a gun during a road rage incident.

Abraham was spotted leaving Mastro’s in Beverly Hills on Friday when she commented on the recent episode. The controversial episode involves an old story regarding Jenelle’s road rage incident that ended with her pulling out a gun as self-defense while her son sat passenger side in the car. However, MTV just aired the dash cam video in the most recent episode of “Teen Mom,” and the visual of Evans grabbing her firearm while sitting next to her young child has people outraged. 

While Abraham said “gun violence around children is sad,” she didn’t put all the blame on Evans. She says the show’s production is at fault and questioned their motives for airing the controversial footage.

“That was sad that you would have gun violence aorund a kid.”

Abraham continued to put production at blame instead of Jenelle.

Production had a hand in that. Like do you want to ruin these parents’ lives, do you want to ruin these kids lives? Ask the bigger question.” Abraham passionately told photogs. 

Press Play below for the shocking “Teen Mom” footage.

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