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Father And Bystanders Beat Carjacker To Death In Philadelphia

FOX News


Father And Bystanders Beat Carjacker To Death In Philadelphia

A Pennsylvania carjacking suspect was beaten to death by a father and a group of bystanders after he stole a vehicle with the man’s children inside.

According to FOX 13, an unidentified 25-year-old woman parked her vehicle outside of her boyfriend’s workplace, New Star Pizza, and left their three children, ages 5, 1 and 7 months old, inside of the Hyundai sedan around 9 p.m. Thursday. Police reported while the woman was inside of the shop, Erik Hood,54, entered the vehicle and drove off with the children inside. H0wever, he only made it down the street and became stuck in traffic.

The woman’s boyfriend went after the car and pulled Hood out of the front seat and started hitting him. During the assault, a group of bystanders joined in and started hitting Hood until he lost consciousness. He was transported to Temple University Hospital, where he died later that night.

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The children were not harmed and police are currently investigating surveillance footage from last night. The couple could possibly face charges for the assault.

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Hood had 30 prior arrests with several relating to narcotics and police stated he resided in North Philadephia.

Press play to learn more about the case in the video clip below.


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