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A Father Is Cleared Of The Death Of His Young Daughter After 7-Year-Old Son Confesses



A Father Is Cleared Of The Death Of His Young Daughter After 7-Year-Old Son Confesses

A Texas father is now a free man after his 7-year-old son confessed to killing his 2-year-old sister!

Anthony Michael Sanders has been cleared of a capital murder charge for a crime that he did not commit.

In 2015, Sanders took the stand for the death of his 2-year-old daughter after she was claimed to have been killed in a “fit of rage.”

The news is now breaking that the father who has contested his innocence was actually… innocent.

Sadly this story is nowhere close to being solved as it is now being said that the mand 7-year-old was actually the person who killed the toddler.

Reports are coming in that the 7-year-old rolled a heavy pillow on top of his sister and was not able to take it off.

At the time of the murder, the young boy was only 5 years old and was scared he would get in trouble.

“He was unable to move the pillow. He said that the pillow was a rectangle and was heavy. It had something zipped inside which made the pillow heavy,” according to court documents cited by the newspaper.

The young boy has said that he told his mother about a year ago. However, the mother has since come out to say this is the first time she is hearing about this.

Investigators initially suspected that Sanders had pressed his hands over his daughter’s nose and mouth until she died, speculating that the toddler may have disrupted him as he played computer games.

“Just a fit of rage-type deal — anger,” Watauga police Sgt. Jason Babcock told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram after Sanders was charged in 2016.

Doctors told police that the girl had numerous recent injuries. This included petechial hemorrhaging in and around her eyes — commonly caused by asphyxiation — as well as bruising.

Her cause of death finally ruled as homicide caused by asphyxiation. As of now, there is no word yet on any more charges as this case is still ongoing.

As we get more details, we will keep you updated.

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