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Father Says Teacher Told Daughter She Would ‘F*** Her Up If They Were In The Streets’

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Father Says Teacher Told Daughter She Would ‘F*** Her Up If They Were In The Streets’

Father Says Teacher Told Daughter She Would ‘F*** Her Up If They Were In The Streets’

The parents of eighth-grader Tyisha Fernandes are furious over the recent encounter their daughter had with her teacher.

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Last Thursday, Tyisha was playing around with another student in class and the two of them threw water on each other. It was said that some of the water got on their teacher and upset her. Apparently, the South Fulton County, Ga teacher was so mad that she threatened to fight the kids!

“The teacher ran up on my daughter and said, ‘If we were on the streets, I would f*** you up,’” Tyisha’s father Rashaan Brown said. “If this is how she’s talking to kids, what else don’t we know about.”

Brown said he was hoping his daughter was exaggerating when she told him what happened especially because his daughter is an honor roll student and an “all-around good kid.” But, when he got to the school, the principal read the teacher’s statement to him and he recorded it on a cellphone:

“If you were anyone else on the street I would have beat the f*** out of you but of course I cannot. I need you to get something to clean this up and I want a f****** apology.”

To add to that, the student also said the teacher was in her face and she thought she was eventually going to get hit.

Brown wants the teacher to be held accountable for her poor actions but feels that school officials are just brushing this incident off.

“If you wouldn’t accept your child cursing you out, why would you send your children to a school being educated and a teacher cursing them out,” Brown said.

As of right now, the teacher has not been fired or suspended but the principal of the school said she’s been in constant communication with the Browns and said the investigation is complete, but cannot disclose the details, WSBTV reports.

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