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Father Sentenced To Jail After Breaking His Baby’s Arms And Legs

Daily Mail UK


Father Sentenced To Jail After Breaking His Baby’s Arms And Legs

A father from Taiwan has been sentenced to four years and two months in prison after breaking his son’s legs and arms in 2017.

According to the Daily Mail, 23-year-old Wei confessed to police that he broke his then four-month-old son’s arms and legs because he would not stop crying. Wei said the abuse occurred on several occasions between February to May 2017 and was sentenced to serve four years and two months during a court hearing at the Maioli district court.

His wife, 22-year-old Chen, was also sentenced to serve four months in prison for covering up her husband’s abuse towards their son for two years.

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The abuse was documented in May 2017 when Chen brought her son to a local hospital after Wei left a three-inch wound on his knee. Doctors noticed that the baby boy sustained old bruises and injuries and an x-ray confirmed that he suffered from five fractures in his arms and legs. Medical staff reported the injuries to Miaoli County police after suspecting the baby was being abused.

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Wei confessed to abusing his son in December 2017 while serving another jail sentence. Chen told police that a babysitter abused her son and denied that her husband abused their baby. The couple was charged in March 2018 and the child is currently living with a foster care family.


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