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Fifth Graders Arrested For Plotting To Kill Their Classmate

Robert Elementary


Fifth Graders Arrested For Plotting To Kill Their Classmate

Two fifth graders were apprehended after it was discovered that they plotted to kill one of their classmates on December 14.

The New York Post reports the two students, aged 10 and 11, were planning to kill their classmate because he spread a rumor about a girl after she told him a secret. Police stated that the suspects told the victim that they were going to “take care of him and kill him”. They created a map of the school’s campus to carry out the murder in an area without surveillance cameras.

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One of the suspects brought a bag containing gloves, pliers, and a tool with a blade attached to it. The pliers would have been used to pick a school lock so they can leave the campus on a golf cart. After class, the boys approached the victim and asked him if he wanted to a secret hideout near the school garden.

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The boy refused to join them and told a staff member about the two suspects plotting to kill him. At first, they denied the accusation but said they wanted to beat him up. Roberts Elementary Kim McFarlane confirmed to police that the two boys planned to carry out the murder on school grounds. A statement was released by Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna in reference to the shocking plot.

“This obviously is a very serious matter. We were aware the two boys plotted to harm another boy at the school. There is zero tolerance in our school system for violence or threats of violence. The individuals who participate in these types of behavior will suffer severe consequences, as these two young boys.”

Check out the PSA below that was subsequently released by Leon County School in light of the murder plot. 

Source: The New York Post 

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