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First Black Woman Cast As ‘Glinda The Good Witch’ In Wicked



First Black Woman Cast As ‘Glinda The Good Witch’ In Wicked

Wicked has taken over the Broadway stage and cast their first black “Glinda The Good Witch.”

On Saturday January 12th, Brittney Johnson made history as she made her debut as “Glinda The Good Witch” in “Wicked” on Broadway in New York.

“Simply Grateful. See you at 7! #BlackGlinda,” the actress posted to Instagram followed up with a picture of her in the costume.

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Back in June of 2018, Johnson announced that she was joining the cast of “Wicked” which just celebrated 15 years on Broadway in 2018. She also announced that she was an understudy for Glinda.

“I am a member of the fearless and fabulous Ensemble, and I understudy GLINDA! I cannot begin to explain what it feels like to even be able to write those words,” she wrote. “The magnitude of this moment in history continues to sneak up on me in waves of gratitude and I am truly at a loss for words. I am just so honored, grateful, and I feel so blessed. And EXCITED! God is so good!”

This is a major move for the Broadway show as Johnson says that she is happy that she is able to show a different form of representation in the musical theatre world.

“My heart is bursting with gratitude. God is so good! I am so humbled to be the first Black Glinda and honored to fulfill the dreams and hopes of so many! I feel like my feet have yet to touch down.”

She continued,

“The importance of this moment in history is only amplified by the message of this beautiful show: Love, friendship, and kindness are stronger than the fear of “otherness”. Love can break down barriers to change the world. I’m so grateful to the Wicked team for trusting me to tell this story. My hope and prayer is that people see my story and have faith that they can achieve their dreams too. Nothing is impossible! And no dream is too big.”

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So many people took to social media to congratulate the actress on her accomplishments as well as her progress in the show and her growth as a Broadway entertainer. Take a look at all the posts below and let us know what you think!

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