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Fitness Influencer Jailed After Creating 369 Instagram Accounts To Harass Other Bodybuilders

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Fitness Influencer Jailed After Creating 369 Instagram Accounts To Harass Other Bodybuilders

A Florida fitness influencer and bikini model was sentenced to five years in prison after she created 369 Instagram accounts to troll other bodybuilders.

According to the Daily Mail, 37-year-old Tammy Steffen of Pasco County was caught by police last year in July after she made her 12-year-old daughter lie and say she was kidnapped from her home. Prior to her sentencing, the FBI reported that Steffen made 18 email accounts to harass a former business partner and her rivals in the fitness industry. Over the course of two years, the mother of four has contacted six people via phone calls, text messages, and private messages on social media.

‘I plan to slice you up into little pieces. Your blood shall I taste.’

‘All hell is gonna rain fire down on your world like never seen before.’

The constant harassment began after Steffen believed that the ex-business partner allegedly caused her to lose a competition.

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She called the police on July 8, 2019, stating that she found a headless doll in her front yard with a note saying: ‘New toy for the kids.’ A few days later she contacted police again and claimed a man grabbed her daughter’s arm and tried to kidnap her. Steffen told police that she suspected her ex-business partner made the kidnapping attempt. However, his alibi proved he was in Tampa during the alleged “kidnapping” due to providing surveillance footage.”

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Investigators asked Steffen’s daughter again about the kidnapping and she asked what would happen to her mother if she told the truth. They searched through Steffen’s cellphone after doubting the kidnapping story and found messages from the woman harassing her former business partner.

She was charged with filing a police report, tampering with or fabrication physical evidence and tampering with a witness. She also tried to convince police that the kidnapping plot was her daughter’s idea once she was taken into custody.

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