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Flight Attendant Hand Delivers Mothers 100 oz. Of Breastmilk In Kind Gesture


Flight Attendant Hand Delivers Mothers 100 oz. Of Breastmilk In Kind Gesture

If you lose something on a flight, be prepared to possibly never see it again. Well unless you’re this woman! 

Rachel Braverman was on a flight back home from a family vacation in Florida when she realized she left a vital item on the plane. Her cooler which was holding 100 oz. of breastmilk for her child. 

For many parents who breastfeed their children, you know the importance of providing this nutrition to such a little body. 

“I just started crying. I was exhausted, and it’s frustrating.”

She said in an interview with PEOPLE thinking she was never going to get it back. 

“You spend so much time and effort pumping in the five spare minutes you have a day, and it was a lot of milk!”

While on vacation, she had been stockpiling the milk for her 4-month-old son Brent. 

“There was really nothing I could do at that point. My friends were telling me to call United, and I was like, what are they going to be able to do? It’s long gone.”

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But luckily for her, there was a kind attendant who came to her rescue. 

Five hours after she returned to her home in New Jersey, she received a text from United flight attendant Jeff Nowotny who said he had her milk.

“It said, ‘Hi, my name is Jeff, I’m a flight attendant on United and I think I have something that belongs to you, please call or text me,’ ” Braverman says. 

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“I called him and he was like, ‘Oh my god, I have your breast milk, don’t worry, I’ve had it on ice all afternoon,’ which was the last thing I had on my mind, whether it was on ice or not. I could not even believe someone even found it.”

Nowotny was not even one of the attendants on her flight but took the extra step to help this mother in need. He offered to take the milk to her house! 

“I could not even believe what was coming out of his mouth. He was like, ‘It’s Mother’s Day, I know how important this [breast milk] is, I’m so happy I could do this for you.’ ”

To preserve the milk, he put it on ice for his entire shift which consisted of two flights from Newark to Orlando and back. 

Given that it was late at night, he left the bag on her porch surrounded with bags of ice. 

“He’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever come across,” Braverman says. “He’s a very sweet, nice guy. He said he has so many nieces and nephews and I’m sure they would want someone to do the same for them.”

One good gesture not only helped a mother out, but it gave her son the necessary nutrition that he needed. 

Take a look at the pictures of the mother and baby below and let us know what you think! 

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