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Flight Attendants Arrested After Smuggling $3 Million Worth Of Cocaine

Hong Kong Customs


Flight Attendants Arrested After Smuggling $3 Million Worth Of Cocaine

Two South African Airways flight attendants were arrested last week after they attempted to smuggle $3 million worth of cocaine into China.

According to Fox News, airport officials caught the two flight attendants after they arrived on two separate flights from Johannesburg to Hong Kong on Sept. 22 and 24. The Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department called the drug bust “one of the “largest drug trafficking case involving flight crew members detected by customs.”

“After preliminary investigation, it is believed that the suspected cocaine seized were from Africa”

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The unnamed 39-year-old female suspect was caught with 26 pounds of cocaine while her 35-year-old partner in crime carried 14 pounds. A spokesperson from South African Airways said in a statement that the company is fully aware of the case and their two employees are currently in custody with Hong Kong police.

“We confirm that two of our employees have been arrested in Hong Kong on suspicion of being in possession of drugs, the two employees were operating on two separate flights that were originating from Johannesburg to Hong Kong and were arrested one on arrival the other one following an investigation by customs officials in Hong Kong,”

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If convicted in Hong Kong, the pair faces the maximum penalty to serve life in prison and owing thousands of dollars in fines.

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