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Florida City Plays ‘Baby Shark’ Song Repeatedly To Deter The Homeless

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Florida City Plays ‘Baby Shark’ Song Repeatedly To Deter The Homeless

Florida City Plays ‘Baby Shark’ Song Repeatedly To Deter The Homeless

The popular “Baby Shark” song has become a favorite for many people around the world. However, it’s safe to say that many others are just about over it because the song has been overplayed.

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City officials in West Palm Beach, Florida, are well aware of that and are now using the extremely catchy children’s music to try and drive away homeless people in certain areas! The city’s mayor, Keith James, confirmed to Fox News that the songs Baby Shark and Raining Tacos were being played at the patio of the Waterfront Lake Pavilion, where homeless people have been living.

Parts of the popular venue that hosts weddings and other events and brings in $240,000 (£192,000) of annual revenue, is reportedly covered in feces and other “unsanitary things” around it. Leah Rockwell, the city’s director for parks and recreation said since they started playing the songs, there has been some sort of improvement.

“It has been effective and is a temporary measure to make the area accessible for those who have rented the facility and for future events,” said Leah Rockwell. “We are not forcing individuals to stay on the patio of the pavilion to listen to the music. The music is heard only if you are on the patio, a very small area relative to the rest of the waterfront.”

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