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Florida Exonerates Two Men Who Spent 42 Years In Prison

Abukar Adan / WJCT News


Florida Exonerates Two Men Who Spent 42 Years In Prison

Florida Exonerates Two Men Who Spent 42 Years In Prison

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Two men have been cleared of murder after spending 42 years in prison.

Clifford Williams Jr. was 34 when he and his nephew, Hubert Nathan Myers, 18 were arrested in 1976 for a shooting that killed one woman.

CNN reports that they were at a party in Jacksonville, Florida, when two women were shot in a nearby apartment, one of them sadly passed. The two men were then arrested and sentenced to life in prison for the crime.

Despite the fact that numerous witnesses corroborate their alibies and another man confessing to the shooting, they were still imprisoned due to the surviving victim’s account of events.

“While no single item of evidence, in and of itself, exonerates Defendant Myers or Defendant Williams, the culmination of all the evidence, most of which the jury never heard or saw, leaves no abiding confidence in the convictions of the guilt of the defendants,” says the investigative report.

On Thursday, the state of Florida threw out their convictions and set them free. Williams and Myers shook hands before reuniting with their family.

“I’m nervous because I feel like I’m still locked up,” said Myers. “Once I get with my family and know I can look back … and the reality hits in, I think I’ll be all right.”

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