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Florida Man Arrested After Pouring Ketchup On His Sleeping Girlfriend

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Florida Man Arrested After Pouring Ketchup On His Sleeping Girlfriend

A Florida man has found himself in hot water after he poured ketchup all over his girlfriend while she was sleeping.

Florida has been in the news the past couple of weeks for some weird things revolving food, and this latest story puts the icing on the cake. 

Peter Wagman, 37, was arrested and charged with domestic battery after he poured a large amount of ketchup on his sleeping 41-year-old girlfriend. 

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His reasoning, he believed that she was having an affair despite being together for roughly 11 years prior to the incident.

Authorities were called atoned 4:45am to reports of the victim being “woke up to ketchup being poured on her by the defendant as the defendant was yelling ‘that’s what you get, b—h,'” police said.

Wagman is denying that he put the ketchup on the unnamed woman and has pleaded not guilty. However, the booking officer confirmed that he had ketchup on the “right side of his pants” following the incident.

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This is not the first time that these two have been in trouble with the law when it comes to a domestic dispute. Back in April, Wagman’s girlfriend was arrested again after she allegedly hit him during an argument at their house.

Investigators do not believe that mental health, drugs or alcohol played a part in this case.

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