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Florida Man Arrested After Telling Kids in Playground Where Babies Come From


Florida Man Arrested After Telling Kids in Playground Where Babies Come From

A Florida man was arrested after he climbed atop of playground equipment and told children in the area where babies come from.

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30-year-old Otis Dawayne Ryan went to Clearwater Beach playground around 3:00 pm on Sunday and reportedly yelled at a bunch of kids about the birds and the bees. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Officers report that before he yelled at the children, he was seen approaching tourists and making inappropriate comments to women in an effort to get their male partners to react. An officer in the area was watching him at the time and issued an official report.

“I watched (Ryan) walk over to the busy playground area and climb to the top of one of the children’s toys that was being occupied by children between the ages of 4 and 6,” an officer wrote in an arrest report.

“He then started shouting from the top telling the children that babies come out of women” — and used a vulgar term in doing so. “At that time parents were rushing to the area to remove their children,” the officer wrote.

Police accuse Ryan of causing a number of disturbances in the area recently. Jail records also show that he has had a series of arrests over the last year on charges of disorderly conduct, battery and carrying a concealed weapon.

Ryan was later found guilty and fined $118. He was also ordered to stay away from the park.

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Take a look at his mugshot below along with some others from recent arrests.

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