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Florida Man Charged With Killing Man Who Insulted His Ex-Girlfriend


Florida Man Charged With Killing Man Who Insulted His Ex-Girlfriend

A Florida man was charged with murder after he killed another man for posting insults about his ex-girlfriend online.

According to the New York Post, Juan Jose Esparza allegedly murdered Joel Diaz Sanchez although he tried to convince investigators that the victim committed suicide in his home last Friday. Esparza explained to detectives that he placed a 9 mm handgun on a table as the two men sat down for a beer when suddenly Sanchez grabbed the weapon and shot himself in the head.

He added that he panicked after the “suicide” and fled to his home in Bradenton. Police investigated Sanchez’s home the following day after receiving a report about a possible suicide but the evidence proved that Sanchez did not end his own life.  Esparza’s ex-girlfriend told police that she broke up with him before his meeting with Sanchez. Prior to the shooting, Sanchez and Esparza had a heated argument on Facebook.

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His roommate said he heard an argument between Sanchez and Esparza. During the argument, Esparza emphasized that he had a gun and was going to take care of the situation. He currently faces armed robbery, weapons and tampering charges and is being held with0ut bail.

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