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Florida Man Throws Son Into Ocean So He Could Learn How To Swim

Volusia County Jail


Florida Man Throws Son Into Ocean So He Could Learn How To Swim

A Florida man is being charged with abuse of a child after throwing his son into the ocean!

Being drunk at the beach with your 5-year-old child is not the best combination as a Florida father found out.

Sources say that John Bloodsworth, 37, was arrested after he threw his son into the Atlantic Ocean because he was trying to teach him how to swim.

After Bloodsworth threw the 5-year-old over the pier, he proceded to do a backflip into the water as his son was struggling to stay afloat.

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When cops arrested him, he believed he was;

“going to jail for being awesome.”

But that was clearly far from the case. Authorities who were at the beach say that when the boy was in the water, there were no lifeguards on duty and there was a risk of high current.Aside from that risk, the area where the father and son were was actually prohibited due to its close proximity to the pier.

When asked why he threw his son in to teach him to swim, Bloodsworth told cops that he

“could not think of a better place to teach his son.”

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When cops arrived to the boy, they say he was crying as they got him out of the water, while Bloodsworth claimed that he was not endangering his child.

Bloodsworth was charged with aggravated abuse of a child resulting in physical/mental injuries, disorderly intoxication and swimming within 300 feet of the pier. He was reportedly released from jail after posting $1,500 bail.

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