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Florida Woman Squeezed Boyfriend’s Genitals ‘Until They Bled’

ndian Harbour Beach Police Department)


Florida Woman Squeezed Boyfriend’s Genitals ‘Until They Bled’

Florida Woman Squeezed Boyfriend’s Genitals ‘Until They Bled’

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A Florida woman has been arrested for squeezing her boyfriend’s genitals so hard that they bled.

The incident occurred June 4 after police responded to a call from a man who said his girlfriend had brutally attacked him.

According to the Miami Herald, the suspect identified as Katie Lee Pitchford, began to attack and “strike him with her fists and scratched the left side of his face.” In the arrest report Pitchford claimed that they got into a fight because she wanted to go on a date with a friend, but, her boyfriend found out by seeing the text messages on her phone and became jealous. She also claims that the fight was only verbal, and not physical.

The man also told officers that Pitchford “grabbed him by his b—s and squeezed them until they were bleeding.” He adds that she even tried to choke him, but he managed to escape and call the police.

Pitchford was arrested and detained by the Brevard County Sheriff’s office on no bond. She will appear in court on June 25.

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